Clairvoyant  Demonstrations, Investigations and spooky event at Henley ghost tours call David on 078306202508                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

There are 5 of us in our team, maximum group of 8 guests along with our team members. Estimated investigation times 10pm until 3am, some events may be longer. All events held in the Oxfordshire and Berkshire area. For dates and locations please visit our Facebook for events and photos spi and hgt page use this link  Facebook


For one to one readings and clairvoyant demonstrations - Call Janie on 07778354271 OR Naomi on 07402060203 for readings and demonstrations only.

NO TOURS RUNNING AT THIS TIME.  all enquiries welcome drop me an email or call me on 07836202508.          

All weather tours:-

Minimum 12 people required per tour (max 18)

Not suitable for

  • Under 18s
  • People with heart problems or epilepsy (camera flash)

Things to do bring or wear on a tour:-

  • Wrap up warm
  • Wear dark clothes (non reflective)
  • Practical flat shoes or boots (can be cold and muddy sometimes)
  • Bring a flash camera
  • Spare batteries
  • Small tourch.
  • Park up safely and remove valuables from sight.
  • Technical equipment welcome.

2-3 hour experience tour

For more Information please call David on 07836202508 

  1. It is very important to read and accept our terms and conditions before proceeding with an experience tour.
  2. If you choose to enter a haunted area with us you do so at your own risk.
  3. We do not guarantee spiritual activity.
Please read and accept our Term and Conditions before booking an experience tour with us. This website contains images of the unexplained - Viewer discretion is advised.                                                                                                                                                                       




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