Whats An Orb

What Is An Orb? 

Orbs are spheres of light (energy) thought to be the first stage of a spiritual presence. New technology allows us to analise orbs in fine detail. We often find human, animal and unexplained images inside them. We are developing this area of the website thank you for looking please return again soon to see images of the unexplained captured on camera.


 This is a close up photo of an unusual winged like orb followed by many other orbs, some flashing  and finally one very strong orb heads to camera. Notice how different they look. Some people looking at this photo have said it appears to them to be the figure of an angel. This photo was captured on one of our tours, further proof from the spirit world




 The photo above shows a bright orb above us... has it come to see what the group of people are doing? This is a large translucent orb it seems that some people are looking at it. More proof from the spirit world.        


Best time to photograph an orb most orb picture are taken in the dark. Between dusk and dawn indoor shots can be taken anytime most orbs apear when there is a darker background.The reasons for this is light anomalies are often white and very difficult to see In day light. It also helps to believe a littal and you will see the difference in your photos. 



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