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 The above video clips start with a paranormal investigation at a house near Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. When we approached the house we all felt a strong presence of paranormal activity.

 The following are clips of the The Old Coach Route Tour clearly showing a bright orb on the pathway as if it was guiding us up the lane.



 We had a call from a lady asking our team of Mediums to visit her home to help settle the spiritual energy that had been bothering her family. Under these circumstances we always work as a team and this was no exception.

On our arrival our Mediums immediately felt the negative energy that was present and our Medium Malcolm was feeling very drained. We thought it best to set up a circle involving our team and the house owners and our Mediums then put a protection on the group. We were immediately joined by the energies of a husband and wife who were distraught at losing their child and after a lot of communication and encouragement were able to help them to pass on into the light to be reunited with their loved ones.

 We then moved on into a bedroom where our Mediums discovered that there was a portal which was allowing any spiritual energy to come and go as they pleased which was causing the disturbances that the family felt at night. The house in question was built on the grounds of a monastery which explained some of the visitors that they felt. Our Mediums were able to close and cleanse the area.

 Moving on further into another area the team also discovered that there was a troubled energy of a young disabled man and after a long time of talking and encouragement our Mediums were able to coax him into the light where he would be able to feel the warmth and love of his family.

 It was a very interesting experience for us all and the family were pleased that we were able to leave them feeling happier with the outcome.

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